Motivational Speaking

Nick has the rare ability to connect with any size audience on a personal level. His vulnerability on stage sets an example to anyone listening that understanding who you are can give one the strength to overcome any obstacles.

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True to his roots, but also a bridge from his ancestry to modern culture; Iconically, Nick wears a logo that represents his Inupiaq Culture. Click the link below to purchase your EskimoNinja Gear!

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As a veteran athlete on American Ninja Warrior, a coach of multiple sports, and a positive role model - Nick would be an invaluable addition to your Ninja Warrior Camp or Expo. Click the link to Book Nick for your next Event!

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A message can be delivered.  A talented speaker can talk for an hour.  But it takes true passion and care to connect with an audience.

Nick's message is "Know Who You Are".  Not just your name, or where you're from. But Truly, who you are. Your culture - Your heritage - but most importantly, Yourself.

Through personal experiences of getting ridiculed for his differences, Losing classmates, teammates, and friends to suicide, and overcoming the culture gaps between his Western and Alaskan Native backgrounds - Nick gets personal with his audience. Taking his audience on a journey that ultimately leads to a devotion to athletics that completely changes his life.

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